2018 Raffle News Update – August 8, 2017

The Club has SOLD over 500 raffle tickets Monday, and will be drawing our first “Bonus” firearm today, August 8th at the JRGC after 5pm. A Browning BL-22 lever action .22 rifle, is the first “Bonus” firearm to be raffled.

If you have any raffle tickets to turn in, it would be advisable to drop them off at Jeff’s Bait and Guns, The Great Outdoors, Weisheit Guns and Gear, or Jasper Marathon. I will pick up raffle tickets from those locations after 1pm on Tuesday, August 8.

“Bonus” firearms are raffled the first Tuesday after every 500 Weekly Raffle Tickets are sold. Our next “Bonus” firearm will be a Remington Model 1100 Classic Trap 12 Gauge Shotgun, and will be raffled after 1000 raffle tickets are sold. Make your family and friends aware of this opportunity so they don’t miss out!

Thanks for everyone’s support!

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