ATA Registered Trap – Friday Night Big 50

Friday Nights – 7pm Registration – 7:15 Program Start

Big 50 Events are 50 Singles, 50 Handicap, and 25 Pair Doubles.

Daily Fees:
ATA Big 50 Daily Fee            $1.50
Indiana ITA Big 50 Daily Fee $1.00

Event Fees:
One Event         $9.50
Two Events     $17.50
Three Events  $24.50

Total Combined Fees:
One Event      $12.00
Two Events    $20.00
Three Events  $27.00

All daily and event fees must be paid to the cashier prior to shooting.
Non-members must sign a club liability waiver before shooting.
ATA memberships must be paid and current to shoot registered targets.

The ATA membership year runs September 1st through August 31st. Any ATA renewal
fees required must be paid to JRGC before shooting registered targets.

Handicap shooters must have their paper average card or their printed average card

ATA Shooters must declare their rounds as registered or non-registered before

The ATA requires a minimum of 3 registered shooters for each Big 50 event. If there
are not 3 registered shooters in an event, the event may be cancelled or shot non-
registered as determined by the shooters and club management.

ATA/ITA daily fees will only be charged if events qualify as registered. Daily fees will
be refunded to the shooter if no events shot by that shooter qualify.

All non-registered or practice trap rounds must be prepaid – $4 for JRGC club
members and $5 for guests.

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