Outlaw Steel Matches

The Jasper Rifle and Gun Club is interested in offering our members and the public the chance to hone their pistol and rifle skills with the addition of Outlaw Steel Matches.  Outlaw Steel Matches have grown to be an extremely popular, fun to watch and easy to understand pistol competition.

Competition consists of a number of stages, with each stage having a total of five steel plates.There is no requirement to move while shooting and the rules are very simple: When the buzzer sounds, shoot every target at least once as rapidly as you can. Each stage is shot five times and the slowest speed on the stage is dropped. The four remaining runs are added together to create the score for that stage. Scores for all stages are then added together to determine the overall scores and rankings. Rimfire competitors only compete against other rimfire competitors, center fire competitors likewise compete only among themselves.

This is the best way to get started in competitive shooting, to have fun, and to improve your shooting skills. You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment and most shooters compete with off-the-shelf semi-auto .22LR caliber pistols and rifles so the ammo is pretty cheap.

The JRGC is planning on have an introduction to Steel Shooting in May. Watch our web site and our Facebook page for updates as the date gets closer.