2019 Weekly Gun Raffle

2019 Weekly Gun Raffle News

BONUS DRAWING 2 WINNER: The winner of the Ruger 22 Charger Pistol drawn October 2nd in our Bonus Drawing No. 2 is Steve D. of Jasper, Indiana, #6555

BONUS DRAWING 1 WINNER: The winner of the Ruger EC9s 9mm handgun drawn August 21st in our Bonus Drawing No. 1 is Shane F. of Jasper, Indiana, #6797

Bonus Firearms are raffled while we wait for the main drawing that starts January 1, 2019. Bonus Firearms will be drawn the first Tuesday after the sale of EVERY 250 raffle tickets.

Current 2018 Weekly Gun Raffle Participants:There is no need to resubmit a new Raffle Ticket Entry Application, as your information is already on file. Simply send your check for the amount of tickets you wish to purchase and your raffle ticket stub will be mailed to you.

Send payment to: JRGC Raffle, P.O. Box 501, Jasper IN 47547-0501.

<Download your 2019 Weekly Gun Raffle Ticket Application Here> (Download, print, complete and mail with payment to the address listed on the application. Your raffle ticket stub will be mailed to your address as listed on the Raffle Ticket Application.)

<2019 Weekly Gun Raffle Firearm List> List of firearms selected for the 2019 Raffle. One firearm is added to the draw for every 20 Weekly Gun Raffle tickets sold.

<2019 Raffle Rules> Complete list of rules regarding our Weekly Gun Raffle.

<Processed Ticket Numbers> List of 2019 Weekly Gun Raffle tickets that have been received and included in the 2019 Weekly Gun Raffle. This list is updated weekly on Tuesday.

<2019 Weekly Raffle Winners> List of our winners drawn in the 2019 Weekly Gun Raffle.

2019 Weekly Gun Raffle tickets can be obtained from any JRGC members, and members at these locations in Jasper:

  • Jeff’s Bait and Guns – 482 Second Avenue
  • The Great Outdoors – 217 S US 231, Southgate Center
  • Weisheit Guns and Gear – 3510 Newton Street
  • Jasper Marathon – 1908 Newton Street
  • Winsupply, Inc. – 1139 Highway 162 South
  • Mac-A-Doo’s and Out of Bounds – 1163 Wernsing Road
  • Eck-Mundy Associates – 450 E 11th Avenue

The JRGC 2019 Weekly Gun Raffle is being conducted under Indiana Gaming Commission License Number 147585.