Sep 17

2020 JRGC Raffle Update – September 17, 2019

Our last raffle drawing in the 2019 Weekly Gun Raffle occurred Tuesday, September 10, 2019.  We have received inquiries why the drawing has ended before the end of the year.  Here is the answer:

As stated in our rules and on the 2019 Raffle ticket stubs, one (1) firearm was added to the draw for every 20 raffle tickets sold.  The last date to purchase a 2019 Weekly Gun Raffle ticket was May 31, 2019.  At that time, the JRGC had sold 1,478 raffle tickets, allowing for 73 firearms to be drawn.

The JRGC also had five (5) Bonus Drawings after the sale of every 250 raffle tickets, for a total of 78 firearms in the 2019 raffle drawing.

Because there were two (2) drawings every Tuesday starting January 1, 2019, the 37th Tuesday (September 10) would be the last drawing date.  We were hoping after the success of the 2018 Raffle that we might have had a better 2019 Raffle, but that was not the case. It all comes down to ticket sales, the more sales, the more prizes can be added.

The 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle will feature a raffle drawing every Tuesday in 2020.  There have been 52 firearms initially added to the drawing, and one (1) additional firearm will be added for every 20 Raffle tickets sold over our goal of 1,040 Raffle tickets.

Savage Axis II XP 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Package

Our next Bonus Drawing in the 2020 Raffle will be for a Savage Axis II XP 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Package. Bonus Drawings occur the first Tuesday after the sale of every 250 Raffle tickets. As of September 17, only 87 more tickets need processed before the trigger is pulled on this Bonus Drawing.

Links to various information on the 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle can be found below.

Online Application for a 2020 JRGC 52-Week Gun Raffle ticket can be downloaded <HERE>. Raffle ticket stubs will be mailed to applicant’s address as listed on their application.

The official 2020 Raffle Firearm List can be found <HERE>.

Processed 2020 Raffle Tickets received and included in the draw can be found <HERE>. This list is updated every Tuesday.

Winners in the 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle can be viewed <HERE>.

Complete rules for the 2020 JRGC 52-Week Gun Raffle can be found <HERE>.

The 2020 JRGC 52-Week Gun Raffle is being conducted under Indiana Gaming Commission License Number 150793.

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Sep 16

Benchrest .22 Rimfire Metallic Silhouette, September 22nd, 10am-2:00pm

Remaining 2019 Dates: Sept 22, Oct 13, Oct 27

Additional dates have been added to our schedule. We will set up target stands following the Tactical/Varmint Match on Sunday, September 22nd & October 27th for those interesting in having a little fun with their .22 rimfire rifles.

The Jasper Rifle and Gun Club is proud to offer another new exciting shooting discipline to our list of matches available to the general public. The JRGC Benchrest .22 Rimfire Metallic Silhouette Match is a “wildcat” match, meaning it isn’t governed by a specific body like the NRA, IHMSA, etc.

This kid-friendly match is intended to be a fun and exciting competition, knocking metallic silhouettes off their perches at various distances using .22 rimfire rifles and handguns fired from the bench. We will make every effort to accommodate anyone who wants to try this exciting shooting sport as long as they can shoot safely.

The initial matches will have one (1) bank of 10 targets at each of the 4 distances. As participation in this match increases, the Club will invest in additional targets and target stands to accommodate everyone.

Eligibility:  Open to the public, all ages (kid-friendly, under 18 with an adult). Signed JRGC Liability Waiver required.

Schedule: Matches will be scheduled the 2nd Sunday of each month. Setup 8:00am; Matches start 9:00am. Competitors are free to stop by and compete at their leisure. Shooting will be available until mid-afternoon or after everyone has had their fill of fun!

Cost: Members $5.00 per shooter per firearm; Non-Members $10.00 for first firearm, $5.00 for each additional firearm. Juniors free with paid adult.

4 Classes: (1) Benchrest-class/No Limits Rifle,
                   (2) Hunting-class Rifle with 9-Power Maximum Scope,
                   (3) Handgun with Optics, and
                   (4) Handguns with Iron Sights.

All rifles and handguns must use 22 LR cartridges only. Any firearm damaging targets will be removed from the firing line. Eye protection and empty chamber indicators required, and can be purchased at registration.

Rests: Bipods, front rests or front sand bags permitted. Shooter must support the rifle’s butt stock in his shoulder.

Targets: A match consists of 40 rounds for score fired from the bench on one-fifth size standard silhouette targets as follows:
                   (a) Ten Chicken targets at 40 meters,
                   (b) Ten Pig targets at 60 meters,
                   (c) Ten Turkey targets at 77 meters, and
                   (d) Ten Ram targets at 100 meters.

Course of Fire: Multiple shooters will draw for starting positions. The range officer will call “shooters to the line”. At this time shooters will bring their firearm to their assigned bench. After the shooters have made the necessary preparations to their position, they will be given the command “READY”. At this time empty chamber indicators may be removed from the firearm, ammunition loaded and made ready. The “READY” period is 15 seconds long.

After the “READY” period the shooters will be given the command “FIRE”. Each shooter will then have 10 minutes to fire as many sighter shots on swinger target as they feel necessary, then ten shots (one per target) for record. When the shooter completes his sighter shots he will notify his spotter that he is going for score, and will then fire one shot at each of his 10 targets. After the shooter begins his record shots no further sighter shots will be allowed.

Scoring: Each shooter has a bank of 10 silhouettes at which to fire, one shot at each, left to right, in order, in the appropriate time. Hits out of sequence are scored as misses; for example, the second shot hitting the third silhouette is a miss. Any shot which does not knock the proper silhouette over or from its stand will be scored a miss. “Turning” a silhouette on its stand will be counted as a miss. A perfect score will be 40 targets.

For Additional Information: Call Kevin Haas at 812.309.0043 or visit