Oct 12

JRGC 2022 Membership Renewal Statements arriving October 15.

<Click HERE to download JRGC 2021 Membership Application Packet>

Membership renewal statements will be arriving in current member’s mailboxes starting October 15. An “Early-Bird” discount of $10.00 is available to Standard, Joint and Family renewal membership plans if paid by December 1, 2021.

The Spousal, Student and Military membership plans are already discounted to $30.00, thus no “Early-Bird” discount.

The 2021 Year-End Membership Special is still in effect.  Potential members can join for the rest of 2021 and all of 2022 for $100.00 Download Membership Application Packet by clicking the link above.

The current Membership Dues Schedule for 2022 is as follows:

Standard Membership –   $80.00   (US citizen 18 years or older as specified in our By-Laws)
Spouse Membership –     $30.00   (If Standard Member wants to add their spouse)
Joint Membership –        $110.00   (Husband & Wife)
Family Membership –     $140.00   (Husband, Wife and all Adult Dependent Children)
Student Membership –     $30.00   (Adult enrolled in a school of higher learning)
Military Membership –      $30.00   (Active Military, Indiana Guard)
Law Enforcement Membership – FREE (Member of Law Enforcement agency serving Dubois County)

Sep 28

2021 Year-End Membership Special

It’s that time of year when prospective members who would like to join our Club can do so at reduced rates!

If a new prospective member decides to join after September 1st, the Standard Membership dues for the remainder of 2021 will be reduced, provided that membership dues for the next calendar year accompany the application.

Total cost of this “Year-End Membership Package” is $100.00, (dues of $30.00 for 2021 and $70.00 for 2022).  This includes the “Early Bird Discount” the Club offers to current members who renew their dues by December 1st. Spousal, Adult Student, and Active Military memberships remain discounted at $30.00.

If you are planning to participate in our Fall Trap League, you can save an additional $30.00 in Trap League Fees by joining our Club. Trap League Fees for Members is $80.00 versus $110.00 for Non-Members.

You can download a 2021 Membership Application Package HERE.