2018 JRGC Endowment Results

JASPER RIFLE AND GUN CLUB ENDOWMENT #2434  for period 01/01/2018 – 12/31/2018

LEGACY – Your commitment through this endowment makes a lasting difference in Dubois County. The Dubois County Community Foundation is proud to administer our endowment.

IMPACT – This endowment was established for the perpetual benefit of the Jasper Rifle and Gun Club.

GIVING – Contributions to the Endowment to Date: $10,497.00

Beginning Value of the Endowment as of 01/01/2018:  $10,426.03

Contributions to the endowment recorded during the reported period: $1,443.00

Investment Gain or (Loss): ($811.85)

Ending Value of the Endowment of 12/31/2018: $11,057.18

Link to the 2018 DCCF Report to the Public