Gate Policies

  1. Every paid member will be given a unique five digit gate code. Sharing your code with anyone else is prohibited and can result in disciplinary and/or suspension from the JRGC.
  2. Proceed with caution when entering the gate area.
  3. Enter your five digit gate code found on your membership card. If valid, the gate will open.
  4. Attempting to gain access (with invalid five digit codes) too many times in a short amount of time may cause the controller box to reset. You will see a flashing light (either red or green) on the keypad when it is resetting. You must wait approx. 90 seconds for the controller to reset.Do not enter a code UNTIL the light (red or green) is a solid light and not flashing.
  5. Once the gate starts to open, you will have 30 seconds to enter the club grounds.
  6. The gate will close behind you automatically.
  7. When you wish to leave the club grounds, slowly approach the gate, and it will open automatically.  An in-ground sensor located on the inside of the gate will detect your vehicle. Drive slowly.
  8. You will have 30 seconds to exit through the gate.
  9. Do not “tailgate” the vehicle in front of you.
  10. Tailgaters will be responsible for ALL damages to the gate/fence and it’s associated operating equipment and controllers and damages to their personal vehicle.
  11. Surveillance cameras will be in operation to closely monitor the gate. An additional security light has been installed to help with the gate lighting for visibility.
  12. Traffic through the gate will be monitored according to the code number used.
  13. Report any suspicious activity to a club officer, board of director member, or range captain.
  14. In the event of a club match or function, the gate will be locked open and a bag will be placed over the entrance keypad. Feel free to enter the club grounds without entering your gate code for these events.
  15. All gate codes will be changed yearly. Your five digit code will expire on Dec. 31. If you have renewed your membership, your new gate code will be listed on your new membership card.