2018 JRGC 104-Gun Weekly Raffle

The first drawings of the 2018 JRGC 104-Gun Weekly Raffle begun Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Two firearms will be raffled every Tuesday at approximately 5:00pm from the club house of the JRGC located at 2188 E Gun Club Road in Jasper.

After the drawing on April 17th, there are 77 firearms available to be drawn. Each raffle ticket only cost $52.00. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase until May 31, 2018.

One (1) additional firearm is added to the draw for every 20 raffle tickets sold, so the total number of drawings for firearms will likely increase! Our next firearm to be added to the draw will be a Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory .22LR Pistol!

Here are the “additional” firearms that have been added to the draw:

04/04/2018  Kimber Micro Stainless .380 ACP Pistol       #109 November 27, 2018                      03/01/2018  Browning BPS Hunter 12 Gauge Shotgun  #108  December 4, 2018.                                   02/14/2018  Glock 43 Subcompact Slimline 9mm Pistol  #107  December 11, 2018.                02/01/2018  Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm Pistol                   #106  December 18, 2018.                   01/26/2018  Savage 93R17 TR .17HMR Rifle                   #105  December 25, 2018.

Click the following link to view what firearms are coming up next: <2018 Firearm Raffle List>.

Here are the “differences” that set our raffle apart from others;

  • 109 firearms will be raffled at the rate of 2 firearms every Tuesday at 5:00pm EST.
  • There will be 3 firearms drawn every Tuesday starting November 27, 2018.
  • One (1) additional firearm will be added to the draw for every 20 raffle tickets sold.
  • Participants can win more than once; winning raffle tickets get placed back in the drawing.
  • Winner has the option of taking the firearm selected that week -OR- a gift certificate for the discounted value of the prize assigned to that week’s draw.
  • A “Bonus Firearm” is raffled after every 500 tickets are sold. These are “in addition to” the regular weekly drawings. Our next “Bonus Firearm” is a Ruger Precision Rifle!
  • Participants receive a $10 discount off new or renewal JRGC membership dues.
  • Participants can easily track raffle ticket numbers on our web site for verification they are processed and included in the draw. This list is updated weekly. <Link to Processed Ticket Numbers>
  • All this for only $52.00 per raffle ticket.

For an online raffle entry application, click this link: <2018 JRGC Online Entry Application>. Raffle tickets purchased by application will have the participant’s information provided transcribed to the raffle ticket. Ticket stub will be mailed back to participant.

Tickets may also be purchased from members at these fine retailers:

  • Jeff’s Bait and Guns
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Weisheit Guns and Gear
  • Jasper Marathon
  • Winsupply, Inc.
  • Mac-A-Doo’s and Out-of-Bounds
  • Eck-Mundy Associates

Visit our Facebook page via the link below for updated news and information regarding our raffle. “Like” and “Share” our posts to help us get exposure! Thanks to everyone for helping us fulfill our missions of promoting firearm education, safety and competitive shooting. THANKS!

The JRGC Weekly Gun Raffle being conducted under Indiana Gaming Commission License Number 144524.


Download 2018 JRGC Online Raffle Entry Application

Link to 2018 Raffle Rules                                

Link to  2018 Firearm Raffle List

Link to Processed Ticket Numbers (updated weekly)

Link to 2018 Weekly Raffle Winners


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Indiana Gaming Commission License 144524.