2018 Membership Dues Schedule

<Click HERE to download JRGC 2018 Membership Application Packet>

  • 2018 Standard Membership dues are $80.00
  • 2018 Spousal Membership dues of a member-in-good-standing is $30.00
  • 2018 Adult Student Membership dues are $30.00
  • 2018 Active Duty Military Personnel Membership dues are $30.00.
  • Membership for Law Enforcement Officers serving Dubois Counties and communities within are complimentary. See details here.

2018 Raffle Participant: If the prospective member is a participant in the JRGC 2018 104-Gun Weekly Raffle, they are also entitled to a Raffle Participant Discount of $10.00. This amount may be deducted from any of the dues listed above. Limit one (1) discount per member per membership year.

SPOUSAL Membership: Any Member-in-Good-Standing may add their spouse for a full membership for only $30.00.

ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY Membership:  Active Duty Members of the US Armed Forces may also apply for membership for the reduced rate of $30.00.

ADULT STUDENT Membership:  For those 18 years and older attending a school of higher education may apply for membership for the reduced rate of $30.00.

YEAR-END MEMBERSHIP OFFER: If a new prospective member decides to join in September or later, the Standard Membership dues for the remainder of 2018 will be reduced, provided that membership dues for the next calendar year accompany the application. Total cost of this “Year-End Membership Package” is $100.00, (dues of $30.00 for 2018 and $70.00 for 2019).  This includes the “Early Bird Discount” the Club offers to current members who renew their dues by December 1st.

A completed membership application and waiver agreement is required for all classes of membership. If membership dues for a spouse or student are included with the Standard member’s renewal statement  the required membership application package will be mailed to you as a courtesy.

Annual membership term is January 1st through December 31st. Dues are not refundable.