Weekly Gun Raffle

Online Application for a 2020 JRGC 52-Week Gun Raffle ticket can be downloaded <HERE>. Raffle ticket stubs will be mailed to applicant’s address as listed on their application.

We are adding one (1) additional prize to the draw for every 20 raffle tickets sold.

No.Date AddedDescription of PrizeDrawing DatePrize No.
5312/31/19Henry Golden Boy Lever Action .22 Rimfire Rifle12/29/2052B
5401/02/20CZ 620 Field Select 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun12/22/2051B
5501/03/20Browning Buck Mark Hunter .22 Rimfire Pistol12/15/2050B
5601/06/20Glock 43X Subcompact Slimline 9mm Pistol12/08/2049B
5701/06/20Ruger American Ranch Rifle (.223 or 300 BLK)12/01/2048B
5801/07/20Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag All-Purpose Field 12 Gauge11/24/2047B
5901/13/20Savage 93R17BRJ TR .17 HMR Rifle11/17/2046B
6001/16/20Ruger American Predator Rifle11/10/2045B
6101/21/20Mossberg 590 9-Shot Heat-Shield 12 Gauge11/03/2044B
6201/24/20Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite .22 Rimfire Pistol10/27/2043B
6302/03/20Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle (your choice)10/20/2042B
6402/18/20Mossberg 930 Hunting All-Purpose 12 Ga Shotgun10/13/2041B

The Jasper Rifle and Gun Club is sponsoring their 4th annual gun raffle for 2020. Raffle tickets for the 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle can be purchased from JRGC members and members at theses locations in Jasper:

  • Jeff’s Bait and Guns
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Weisheit Guns and Gear
  • Jasper Marathon
  • Eck-Mundy Associates
  • Winsupply, Inc.
  • Mac-A-Doo’s and Out-of-Bounds
  • Harmon Chiropractic
  • Krempp Lumber Company

Many features of past raffles will remain in place, such as

  • Bonus drawings take place the first Tuesday after the sale of EVERY 250 raffle tickets, so get your raffle ticket early to be included in every Bonus Drawing.
  • The first weekly drawing date will be Tuesday, January 7, 2020, and every Tuesday thereafter for 52 weeks.
  • Winning tickets will be placed back in the drawing, participants may win more than once.
  • Winner has the option of taking the prize as drawn or a prize certificate for the value of the firearm assigned to that week’s draw.
  • Participants will be able to verify their raffle tickets have been processed by visiting our web site jaspergunclub.com/raffle.
  • Each raffle ticket is priced at $52.00, and is good for all drawings.

New features for the 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle are:

  • 52 firearms will initially be added to the raffle drawing.
  • After the first 1,040 raffle tickets are sold, one (1) additional firearm will be added to the raffle drawing for every 20 raffle tickets sold. The total number of firearms added to the draw is directly related to the number of raffle tickets sold. The more raffle tickets sold means more firearms are added to the draw.
  • Odds of winning remain the same with every firearm added to the drawing.
  • Additional firearms will be selected starting with Firearm #1 on the official 2020 Firearm List, and proceeding down the list for each additional firearm added.
  • Additional firearms added will be placed in the drawing starting with the last drawing date of the year, and placing one firearm in each preceding week’s draw.
  • No regular raffle prize will be less than $400.00.

The official 2020 Raffle Firearm List can be found <HERE>.

Processed 2020 Raffle Tickets received and included in the draw can be found <HERE>. This list is updated every Tuesday.

Complete rules for the 2020 JRGC 52-Week Gun Raffle can be found <HERE>.

Winners in the 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle can be viewed <HERE>.

Bonus Drawing No. 5 – February 4th

Bonus Drawing #6 of the JRGC 2020 52-Week Raffle will occur the first Tuesday after *1500* raffle tickets are sold. The prize is a Ruger American Standard Rifle in winner’s choice of caliber.

Bonus Drawing No. 5 was held February 4th after *1250* 52-Week Gun Raffle tickets were sold. The winner of the Remington Model 870 Exp. Super Mag Syn. Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun was Phyllis R. of St. Anthony IN, #14377.

Bonus Drawing No. 4 was held December 24th after *1000* 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle tickets were sold. The winner of the Ruger 10/22 Sporter Walnut Stock Rimfire Rifle was Ken O. of Jasper, Indiana, #14231.

Bonus Drawing No. 3 was held on November 26th after *750* 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle tickets were sold. The winner of the  Ruger SR-22 Rimfire Pistol is Chris D. of Huntingburg, Indiana, #12502.

Bonus Drawing No. 2 was held on October 8th after *500* 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle tickets were sold. The winner of the  Savage Axis II XP 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Package is Tony M. of Winslow, Indiana, #13936.

Bonus Drawing No. 1 was held on August 20th after the initial *250* 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle tickets were sold. The winner of the Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag All-Purpose 12 Gauge Shotgun is Sean K. of Ferdinand, Indiana, #12803.

Official 2020 JRGC 52-Week Gun Raffle Ticket

The 2020 JRGC 52-Week Gun Raffle is being conducted under Indiana Gaming Commission License Number 150793.