.22 Rimfire Benchrest Target Match

Eligibility: .22 Rimfire Benchrest Target Matches are open to the public, all ages (under 18 with an adult). JRGC Liability Waiver must be sign by all competitors.

2022 Dates: APR 10, MAY 8, JUN 12, JUL 10, AUG 14, SEP 11, OCT 9

Time: Registration Opens 8:30am; Match Starts 9:00am

Cost: $5.00 per target. Multiple targets may be purchased.

Firearm: Any .22 rimfire rifle.

Optic Sights: Any power scope allowed.

Rifle Support: Harris-style bipods, sandbags or tripods allowed for front support. Shooters must support butt of rifle in the shoulder. No artificial support, slings, shooting gloves or jackets may be used.

Course of Fire: Unlimited sighters on the top sighter bullseyes, followed by 25 rounds for score on the remaining 25 bullseyes (1 shot per bullseye) in a time limit of 20 minutes.

Target: An official ARA Unlimited Class Target, placed at 50-Yards.

Contact Information: Kevin Hoffman (812) 639-5044