Oct 11

ATA Registered Trap Shooting Friday Nights – Under the Lights – 7pm

Are you a competitive trap shooter? Need to add to your registered target totals? Come join us on Friday nights this fall through December 15th. We will be shooting ATA Big 50 Events each week.

If you are not a competitive shooter, you are also welcome to come out and shoot. These events are open to the public. Non-registered trap targets are $4 per round for members, and $5 per round for guests. Guests will be required to sign a liability waiver before shooting.

To find out more about registered trap shooting, visit www.shootata.com, or come out to a Friday night event and we will answer your questions.

Aug 31

2017 Fall Trap League Starts Tuesday, Sept 5th

The Fall Trap League starts Tuesday, September 5th and runs each Tuesday for 10 weeks. The 9th week is a make-up night and the 10th week is the league banquet. Each team will consist of 5 shooters. You will shoot 2 rounds of 25 clay targets per night. Your score is based on a handicap system which uses 80% of your average. You are responsible to provide your own ammunition. Cost per person for the Fall Trap League is for $80 for club members, and $95 for non-club members.

We start shooting at 6pm, and team sign-up times are first-come, first-served. Please make sure your entire team is present before signing up to shoot.

If you are a single shooter and want to find a team, please call Steve and he will try to find a slot for you.

If you would like to register a team or more information contact Steve Haggh at (812) 630-4714.

Apr 20

How not to post a target…


This target was photographed this weekend posted on the 50 yard rifle range. Do you see the problem? Please do not post any targets so that you will be shooting through the wood target mounting posts and rails. There is lots of cardboard available stacked by the clubhouse, so please use it! Mount the cardboard between the wood rails, and then mount your targets to the cardboard so your shots will not impact the wood. We all understand that sometimes an occasional shot may hit a rail or post, but mounting a target as shown above, where most of the rounds will hit the wood, just causes unnecessary damage and expense for the club, not to mention annoying everyone else who knows better.

Mount your targets correctly – don’t be “That Guy” that screws it up for everyone else!!

If you need any additional explanation, please see our Target Mounting How-To Page, or ask a club officer or member to show you the correct way.