Feb 03

Another “Additional Prize” added to the Raffle

Our 11th “Additional Prize” has been added to the JRGC 52-Week Raffle. A Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle in winner’s choice of caliber will be drawn October 20, 2020 as prize number 42B.

One “Additional Prize” will be added to the draw for every 20 raffle tickets sold. Last date to purchase a JRGC 52-Week Gun Raffle ticket is May 31, 2020.

As of February 3rd, there are currently 59 weekly prizes to be drawn. A “Bonus Drawing” of a Remington Model 870 Exp. Super Mag Syn. Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun will also be drawn Tuesday, February 4th.

Raffle tickets can be purchased from any JRGC member or members at Jeff’s Bait and Guns, The Great Outdoors, Weisheit Guns and Gear, Jasper Marathon, Mac-A-Doo’s, WinSupply, Krempp Lumber, Harmon Chiropractic or Eck-Mundy Associates.

Raffle ticket entry applications can be downloaded from our web site jaspergunclub.com/raffle. Raffle ticket stub will be mailed to participant upon receipt of payment.

Thanks to all participants and good luck in the drawings!

Nov 27

Public Trap Shooting this Sunday at 12:30 PM

Sunday Afternoon Trap Shooting: Trap shooting is open for both club members and non-members every Sunday at 12:30pm (provided the weather cooperates (not raining) and the temperature is above 40 degrees). Beginners and youth shooters are welcome.

Cost is $4.00 per 25-target round for club members and $6.00 per round for non-members. You are responsible to provide your own firearm and ammunition.

WAIVER REQUIREMENT:  Non-member competitors wishing to participate in any Club matches will need to have a Waiver Agreement completed and signed prior to live fire.  JRGC members have already completed this requirement for competition.  Waiver Agreements will be available on day of competition or can be downloaded <here> for viewing and completion prior to the match.

Jun 01

Thank-you to all 2019 Raffle Participants

The Executive Committee of the Jasper Rifle and Gun Club would like to thank all 2019 Weekly Gun Raffle participants for their support of the Club. Preparations are being made for improvements to our different ranges, all being purchased from funds in the gaming account.

Although we didn’t meet our goal for the 2019 Raffle, there have been 78 firearms raffled after the last firearm was raffled September 10th.

Raffle tickets are now available for the 2020 52-Week Gun Raffle. The proposed format of next year’s raffle will change a bit, so that at least one firearm will be raffled every week throughout the year. 52 firearms have initially been added to the drawings.

After the first 1,040 raffle tickets are sold, an additional firearm will be added to the raffle for every 20 raffle tickets sold. Additional firearms will be added starting with the last drawing date and proceeding backwards one each week.

Again, thanks to all our members and raffle participants for your support!